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2007 Film lineup and schedule announced!

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2007 Festival  

  12th Annual Palm Beach International Film Festival, April 19 - 26, 2007
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Synopsis : Hollywood' is an inside look into the lives of three actors whose paths cross in a Los Angeles acting class taught by the 'guru' acting coach of the moment. Each is in a different stage of their career, trying for the next level. They go through daily life in Hollywood, trying to balance a personal life with the rigors of going after their dreams. Who can keep the dream alive?

Premiere Status : Florida
Country of Origin : USA
Language : English
Runtime : 84 min
Genre : Drama
Producers : Rick Rose, Katherine Azarmi
Director : Rick Rose
Writer : Rick Rose
Cast : Katherine Azarmi, Valerie Swift-Bird, Tava Smiley, Rick Rose, Marieh Delfino
Website : www.hollywood-themovie.com

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