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Gypsy Child Thieves
Award-winning filmmaker Liviu Tipurita goes inside the closed world of Romanian Gypsies - the poorest and most marginalized community in Europe - to expose the shocking plight of exploited children who are forced onto the streets to beg and steal. He captures the racism the Gypsies are being subjected to and the efforts made to integrate them into the wider society. Liviu raises sensitive questions about a culture of crime that perpetuates a cycle of abuse and exploitation and calls for immediate action to help these children.

Gypsy Child Thieves
Director: Liviu Tipurita
Producers: Liviu Tipurita, Sam Bagnall, Lucy Hetheringon
Writer: Liviu Tipurita
Cast: Liviu Tipurita
Running Time: 59 minutes
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Language: Spanish, Italian, Romanian, English, Gipsy Dialect

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