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Queen of Jerusalem
Professor Trude Dothan, 86, is the first lady of Israeli archeology. She is an Israel Prize laureate and an international expert on the Philistines. Her son, musician, writer, and filmmaker Dani Dothan, decides it is time to ‘excavate’ his mother’s energetic life. But then she falls and is housebound for the first time in her life. Dani returns home and discovers a life that his mother kept hidden from him. Trude catalogs objects, drawings, even death masks. Layer after layer, Dani uncovers a world he never knew; as the layers unravel, so does the relationship between mother and son.

Queen of Jerusalem
Director: Dalia Mevorach, Dani Dothan
Producers: Dalia Mevorach, Dani Dothan
Writers: Dalia Mevorach, Dani Dothan
Running Time: 1 hour, 15 minutes
Country of Origin: Israel, USA
Language: Hebrew

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