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Competition Entry - indicates film competition entry

  Film Name Premiere Status  
A Good Man Competition Entry Florida  
A Surprise in Texas Competition Entry Florida  
Alemania World  
Amexica Florida  
AVABOT World  
Banana Bread Competition Entry    
Bass Ackwards Florida  
Beyond the Pole    
Bicycle Dreams Competition Entry Florida  
Burzynski Florida  
Case 219 Florida  
Conversations with Artists World  
Curious Thing Competition Entry    
Do It Again Florida  
Don't Let Me Drown Competition Entry    
El Encargado US  
El Tio Facundo    
Eli & Ben Competition Entry Florida  
Encuentro Competition Entry    
Exam Competition Entry Florida  
Father and Sister    
Filthy Rich World  
Follow The Prophet Florida  
Forget Me Not Competition Entry World  
Garbage Dreams Competition Entry Florida  
Girl in a Cage    
Giving It Up Competition Entry Florida  
God Went Surfing With The Devil Florida  
Greenlit Florida  
Gypsy Child Thieves Competition Entry US  
Heart Florida  
Hector Corp. World  
Her Name Was Steven    
Ida's Dance Club US  
Immigration Tango Florida  
Jenny Florida  
Jozi US  
Last Ditch Effort    
Leonardo Competition Entry    
Lovely, Still    
Lucky Lotus World  
MARATHON Florida  
Meant To Be Competition Entry World  
Milking The Rhino Competition Entry    
Mind The Gap World  
Moonshine to The Finish Line Competition Entry World  
No Country for Old Yeller Florida  
Out Of Sync East Coast  
Poi Dogs    
Porcelain & Diamonds Florida  
Prelude In E Minor World  
Princess Ka'iulani Florida  
Procession Florida  
Queen of Jerusalem US  
Rage World  
Road to Moloch Florida  
Rosa's Journey - The Story of a Nation World  
Sayed Kashua - Forever Scared North America  
Second Wind Competition Entry Florida  
Spoiler Competition Entry World  
St. Roz Florida  
Summer World  
Ten Stories Tall Competition Entry Florida  
The Cemetery Club World  
The Desert of Forbidden Art Competition Entry    
The Elephant in the Living Room Florida  
The Fantasy Factory    
The Farm World  
The Hybrid Union World  
The Legend of Pale Male Florida  
The Mill Competition Entry World  
The New Tenants Competition Entry    
The One Last Time World  
The Polo Kid US * Special  
The Wild Hunt Competition Entry Florida  
The Yankles Florida  
The Breakup    
Thespians Competition Entry Florida  
Tóg Mise Leat North America  
Touch Competition Entry US  
Tripping on a Bicycle Florida  
Under God    
VENEZZIA Florida  
What if... World  
White Wedding Competition Entry Florida  
WINGS OF SILVER: The Vi Cowden Story Florida  
Winter's Bone Competition Entry    
Woke Up Ugly Florida  
Palm Beach County Florida, The Best Of Everything
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