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The World Premiere of RAIN
Thursday, April 20 7 PM - Muvico Parisian 20 at CityPlace
Movie Synopsis:

In the just completed shooting of the film adaptation of V.C. Andrews' best seller, RAIN, we have the story of a musically gifted, loveable young woman, who learns her family secrets under tragic circumstances. They lead her from the vibrant but dangerous inner-city to refuge with wealthy white relatives, who are uneasy with each other and with the child they thought they would never meet. Her struggles and triumphs make Rain an appealing contemporary heroine.

Brooklyn Sudano, the actress/singer daughter of Donna Summer, has successfully captured the complexity of the main character, Rain Arnold, a 17-year-old girl living in a rundown urban neighborhood terrorized by the gangs and gang culture. Relying on her vocal talent, and her strength of character, Rain refuses to succumb to pessimism.

However, in a shocking revelation that Rain accidentally hears, Rain learns she is the offspring of a rich, spoiled white woman, Megan Hudson, who had an affair with an African-American man in college. The Hudson family paid the Arnolds to take Rain in and raise her.

Compounding this crisis is Rain's younger sister Beni's infatuation with the urban crowd. When Beni gets in too deeply, Rain attempts to rescue her and in the process Beni is killed by the gang leader. Now a witness to the murder, Rain is in even more danger. Her mother, Latisha, decides it is time to get Megan Hudson to take her back and away from this world. This confrontation results in Rain being sent off to live with her wealthy grandmother, Isabel Hudson, played by Academy Award winner, Faye Dunaway. Here, Rain will attend a prestigious school for the gifted in the arts. Her new best friend and confidant is Isabel's old love interest, played by Academy Award nominee Robert Loggia.

What makes the character of Rain take on an added dimension are Rain's grit and determination to stand up to the new obstacles presented to her in the world of the rich and powerful. She is more than a match for her wealthy peers, and what Isabel Hudson realizes is the girl she was forced to take in, the girl she paid someone else to take, is the best of her grandchildren.

RAIN is truly a feel-good family film with enough edgy turns and twists to keep the most avid PG-13 viewers glued to the screen. The performances of Khandi Alexander(CSI Miami) and Giancarlo Esposito (The Usual Suspects) as Rain's African American parents are superb. The movie is balanced well with the background characters and the star power of Faye Dunaway and Robert Loggia. 

Direction by Craig Di Bona should put him in the ranks of the most exciting and intelligent up and coming feature film directors today. The film is being edited by veteran editor Robert Reitano. The script was written by Andrew Neiderman and the production is being produced by Merv Griffin Entertainment in association with Big Headz Entertainment and Lexi Dog Media Group under Exec. producers Travis Hollman, Johnny Delavaldene, Merv Griffin, Audrey Loggia, Candace Farrell, Suzanne Hein, Randy Wright and Andrew Neiderman. Producers are Travis Hollman and Jason Kabolati.

RAIN by V.C. Andrews was the first of a four-book series known as The Hudson Series. V.C. Andrews is the world's most successful living original paperback author having more than 105 million books in 95 countries, translated into 22 languages. The cachet of this best selling author should reach deeply through the foreign markets.

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