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2007 Film lineup and schedule announced!

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12th Annual Festival  

  12th Annual Palm Beach International Film Festival, April 19 - 26, 2007
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2007 Festival Film Lineup

Competition Entry - indicates film competition entry

  Film Name Premiere Status
9:04 AM Florida
A Crude Awakening - The Oil Crash Competition Entry Florida
A Lobster Tale Competition Entry Florida
Anatomia Local Film
A Stone's Throw US
Adrift in Manhattan Competition Entry Florida
And Behold, There Came A Great Wind / V'Hinei Ruach Gedola Ba'a Florida
And Lo, Guilharmenia Florida
Approaching Union Square Florida
Away From Her Florida
Beyond the Call Florida
Big Dreamers World
Blue Hole World
Bombay Skies World
Border War World
Cerebral Inferno World
Chinese Dumplings World
Chloe Florida
Civil War Florida
Cold Kenya Competition Entry World
Confessions of a Late Bloomer Florida
Curious George: Show Me the Monkey  n/a
Darius Goes West - The Roll of His Life East Coast
Dead End East Coast
Dear Lemon Lima World
Democracy is Dead Local Film
Dollars and White Pipes International Cinema
Driver's Seat Local Film
Everything will be OK Competition Entry Florida
Fetch World
Film Contest? World
FireStorm World
Florida's Wild Side Competition Entry US
Florida Girl Local Film
Forfeit World
Forgotten on the Bayou: Rockey's Mission to the White House World
Freddie Mercury: Lover of Life, Singer of Songs Competition Entry US
From Silence to Sound World
Gimme Green Florida
Glacier Bay Florida
Got Stem Cells? What Would You Do? World
He Can Hear It World
Heart of a Soul Surfer Florida
Hidden Creatures North America
Hiding Victoria World
Hollywood East Coast
Hollywood Dreams  
Homeless not Hopeless World
In The Clearing Florida
Johan Competition Entry Florida
Kabul Girls Club Competition Entry World
Kathy T. World
La Sortie / Outside Competition Entry World
Last Day of December Florida
Leave You In Me World
Left Behind: The Story of the New Orleans Public Schools World
Life Death Afterlife etc. Competition Entry World
Lunch on the Run featuring Bombay's Dubbawallas Florida
Man in the Chair Competition Entry Florida
Maurice Richard / The Rocket Competition Entry Florida
Mirage A Trois Local Film
Mola Ser Malo / It's Cool To Be Bad North America
Montclair World
Morbid Curiosity Florida
Morning Fall Florida
Mr. Bones International Cinema
Mu Competition Entry World
My First Time Driving Competition Entry World
Mystic India Competition Entry East Coast
New York Waiting Florida
Nostalgia World
Opportunity Knocks World
Orange #8 World
Out of Sight / Lemarit Ein Florida
Past Imperfect Florida
Plastic Florida
Premonition Florida
Quietly Competition Entry North America
Red Dust International Cinema
Replay Local Film
Rocketboy Competition Entry World
Room Nine World
Roots: The Hair-Raising Story of a Guy Named Sy World
Sadie and the Slot Machines World
Save Me Florida
Secrets d'Ete / Who Loves the Sun Competition Entry Florida
Sinner World
Snake Hill World
Speed Dating Competition Entry World
Sportsfan World
Still(e) Florida
Stray Soul USA
Sublime World
Terminal Florida
The 7 Swords Local Film
The Accident World
The Dukes Competition Entry Florida
The Edge of Eden: Living with Grizzlies Competition Entry Florida
The Film Class US
The Gold Rush n/a
The Golden Door US
The Great Train Robbery n/a
The Imperial Message Local Film
The Indian World
The Insurgents Competition Entry US
The Joel Files Competition Entry US
The Knife Grinder's Tale World
The Line World
The List World
The New Math World
The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil Competition Entry Florida
The Shore US
The Strange Case Of Marie France World
The Tape Recorder World
The Toll Florida
The Waiter Florida
Tied Hands / Yadayim Kshurot Competition Entry East Coas
Tolya Florida
Tovarisch Ya Yesche Zhiv / Tovarish I'm Not Dead Competition Entry World
Unbeatable Harold Florida
Underground President World
V'Hinei Ruach Gedola Ba'a / And Behold, There Came A Great Wind Florida
Waitress Florida
Walls & Windows World
Wasted Competition Entry World
Who Loves the Sun Competition Entry (short) Florida
Who Loves the Sun Competition Entry (feature) Florida
Words Unspoken Local Film
Yedidiah's Collection / Haosef Shel Yedidiah East Coast
Yesterday n/a
Yiddish Theater: A Love Story Florida
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