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Tripping on a Bicycle
A heartwarming story that brings to life the trials and errors of two Buddhist monks struggling to let go.Their fairly nondescript existence is propelled into action when their close neighbor has a terrible fall and is in desperate need of an operation. Strapped for cash, Dorje enlists the help of his motley crew - the village postman, a tea stall owner, a cobbler with treacherous eyesight and a romantic who resurrects bicycles. With questionable talent within the team and time running out, Dorje must eventually do what he is immeasurably good at.

Tripping on a Bicycle
Director: Subbiah Nallamuthu
Producer: Savio Noronha
Writer: Savio Noronha
Cast: James Keenan, Sikandar Bhana
Running Time: 1 hour, 27 minutes
Country of Origin: India
Language: English

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