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Banana Bread
As Matt Meyerson has coffee at his parents' house, we see that he has a worried Jewish mother. She's concerned about his health and the freelance nature of his work. But after Matt leaves for his job, we discover that his mom might actually have good reason to worry.

Banana Bread
Director: Barton Landsman
Producer: Dina Oberley
Writer: Barton Landsman
Cast: John Livingston, Deena Freeman, Robert Silver, Chadrian McKnight, Michael Evanet, Rad Daly, Mark Robinson, Dominic Bernacchi, Sam Carson, Joe Mitchell, Chris MacEwan, Daniel O'Meara, Gary Blankenhorn, Anthony Bertram, Erik Rondell, Mark Rayner
Running Time: 9 minutes
Country of Origin: USA
Language: English

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