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When police officer Min Lee gets a chance to work one undercover shift, she jumps on it, eager to prove herself. She and her partner catch a dealer with a kilo of cocaine, but the arrest crumbles when Min loses the kilo during the foot chase. Desperate not to go back to the station empty-handed, Min makes a deal with her arrestee, if he can buy her another kilo, she'll arrest his supplier and let him go. But when the deal goes sideways, Min is forced to choose between becoming the laughing stock, and doing the 'right' thing.

Directors: Phil Lorin, Kiel Murray
Producer: Colin Ducey
Writer: Phil Lorin, Kiel Murray
Cast: Elizabeth Ho, Joaquin Garay III, Nik Tyler, Culley Fredricksen
Running Time: 38 minutes, 59 seconds
Country of Origin: USA
Language: Spanish, English

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