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Porcelain & Diamonds
Why don't fancy homes ever have a plunger in the bathroom? With a splash of 30's slapstick in an 80's comedy of circumstance, Porcelain & Diamonds centers on Jimmy Waldricki's heroic quest to pop the question when events conspire against him. Porcelain ultimately is story of best intentions gone haywire and how things don't always 'go down' as planned.

Porcelain & Diamonds
Director: Ryan Silbert
Producers: Bradley Werner, Julius Onah, Marc Parees, Ryan Silbert , Robert Profusek
Writers: Ryan Silbert, Aaron Tracy, Bradley Werner
Cast: John Lavelle, Joan Barber, Chloe Whiteford, Norm Golden
Running Time: 7 minutes
Country of Origin: USA
Language: English

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