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The One Last Time
Downtown LA - the last customers are finishing their early evening business at the bank. At 6:08pm on 09/09/09 there will be an automatic timer test on the vault. The bank heist is planned to perfection, everything is ready and every eventuality if accounted for, what could go wrong? Wearing Wizard of Oz masks for disguise the heist is on, the one condition for success, they must be out by 18:10.Everything is carried out to plan, until at 18:09, a second group of robbers wearing super hero masks enter; they have been given the same inside tip. What now?

The One Last Time
Director: Scott Weintrob
Producers: Lucy Taylor, Jonna Birgans, Scott Weintrob
Writer: Scott Weintrob
Cast: Siobhan Flynn, Hakeem Kae Kazim
Running Time: 8 minutes; 30 seconds
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Language: English

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