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The Beetle
Yishai Orian, the owner of an old Volkswagen Beetle, is about to become a father. His mechanic says that the car will not last long, while his wife complains that the car is unsuitable for a baby. Attempting to keep his beloved car, Yishai goes on a journey that begins with the previous owners of the Beetle, and ends with the birth of his first child. The exciting, funny, sad, and intimate memories of the Beetle's previous owners blend with the director's personal story.

The Beetle
Country of Origin: Israel/Language: Hebrew, Arabic w/English subtitles
Running Time: 1 hour, 10 minutes
Director: Yishai Orian
Producers: Yishai Orian

Audience Top Ten Laurel choice, HotDocs International Film Festival
Nominated for the Israeli Oscar Awards for Best Documentary

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