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2009 Films

2009 Festival
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  Film Name Premiere Status  
8 Easy Steps World  
12 Stones    
500 Days of Summer    
A Bit Of Counseling East Coast  
Acting for the Camera East Coast  
Against the Wind    
American Violet    
And The Winner Is . . . World  
Atomic! A Train of Mad Italians in China    
Autistic-Like: Graham's Story    
Baby on Board    
Ciao Tesoro (Bye-Bye Darling) Florida  
Classmates of Anne Frank USA  
Connected Sea: The Spirit is Listening World  
Courting Condi    
Dash World  
Di chi é ora la citta? (Whose City Is It Now?)    
Dim Sum Funeral East Coast  
Dream Riders Florida  
Dubble (Doppio) Florida  
El Tio Facundo    
Elysium USA  
F**K the Fed    
Finscéal Pháidi (Paidi's Tale) competition Florida  
For My Father competition USA  
Fugue World  
Gimme A Hug Florida  
Gone Fishing competition    
Gotta Dance competition    
Heavy Petting World  
How I Got Lost World  
Il Male Assoluto USA  
In My Pocket    
In the Dark Florida  
Jim with a J    
Kai's Place Florida  
Kärleksbarn (Love Child) East Coast  
Kidnapping Caitlynn    
La Huerfana (The Orphan)    
La Tangente Florida  
Lady Kul El Arab Florida  
Laid Off By Lehman Florida  
Land Gewinnen (Gaining Ground)    
Lightbulb competition    
Long Weekend Florida  
Machan competition    
Me, You, A Bag & Bamboo Florida  
Million Calorie March competition    
Miracle Fish competition Florida  
Mr. Brooklyn    
My Dead Brain Florida  
My Name is Orphan    
Narciso, dietro i cannoni, davanti ai muli USA  
On the Road to Tel-Aviv competition    
One Tomato World  
Only Love    
Open Air World  
Our Disappeared competition Florida  
Out of Step    
Outsource Florida  
Parental Guidance competition USA, Florida  
Pawn competition    
Penance World  
Placebo World  
Prom Night Mississippi competition    
Red Baron competition Florida  
Roots of Reggae - The Ernest Ranglin Story    
Rosfeld USA  
Salvatore - Questa E'La Vita USA  
Second Guessing Grandma competition    
Severe Clear competition Florida  
Shout It Out Florida  
Skin competition Florida  
Stealing Second Florida  
Stone of Destiny competition Florida  
The Beetle competition    
The Boot Cake Florida  
The Case for Israel: Democracy's Outpost Florida  
The Curse of Micah Rood    
The Day After Peace competition Florida  
The Day I Lost My Mind World  
The Dreaming Florida  
The Evening Journey World  
The Heart is a Hidden Camera competition    
The Invocation    
The Last Page    
The Legacy competition World  
The Merry Gentleman    
The Milagro Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Throwdown World  
The Obolus    
The Outlaw Emmett Deemus & The Porno Queen    
Traveling in Circles    
Tripping Forward    
True Beauty This Night USA  
Viko competition    
Viva Mandiba: A Hero For All Seasons World  
Waiting for My Real Life    
Whiz Kids    
Why Be Good? Sexuality and Censorship in Early Cinema competition East Coast  
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