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Key components of the Palm Beach International Film Festival are its educational programs and seminars. The Festival is committed to supporting emerging filmmakers of today and tomorrow, and we strive to enhance their knowledge through these innovative initiatives.

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Saturday, April 25th, 2009
Florida Atlantic University

10am to 12noon
Finding An Agent. Why do I need an agent? How do I find one? Which one is best for me? What do we do now? Get these questions answered in an introduction finding representation.

Sunday, April 26th, 2009
Florida Atlantic University

The Business of Film: From Idea to Audience
9am to 12 noon
We'll take a backwards look at the film business, starting with how to find and reach audiences and moving all the way back to presenting your idea. This seminar is designed to give you practical information and tools to get your film from the page to the screen.

9am to 10am: Audience.
Who is your audience? How do you know that? How do you get your film to them? We'll look at distribution deals, sales reps, niche markets, and self-distribution models in order to answer those questions.

10am to 11am: Financing.
We'll hear tips on how to allocate and manage you budget, how to structure a deal, and specific experiences from filmmakers working with budgets ranging from millions of dollars to a handful of peanuts.

11am to 12noon: Pitching!
We'll discuss raising money in today's economy, understanding the motivation of film financers, and then launch into a tournament of pitches with feedback from our panelists and your peers!

Rules of the Pitch

* Be brief! 3 Minutes that's all. You will be cut off at that point with no time for "just one more thing." 3 minutes is the longest elevator ride you could expect to have with anybody who could fund your movie. Besides, the goal is to get them to want more.
* Practice. Rehearse your pitch over and over--in the mirror, with your collaborators, to your dog, whenever and wherever. Make sure by the time you present your pitch you have it down pat!
* Be entertaining. This is a three minute advertisement for your film. It's not the film; it's the trailer. Make sure you condense it into a fun and thrilling ride for your listener.
* Define your audience. Anybody who says this is a film for everybody will be escorted from the premises immediately.
* Have fun. Your enthusiasm will be your greatest asset.
*If you are interesting in pitching your project to get experience and feedback please contact Space is limited!

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