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The Legacy
Through the eyes of nine members of the Youth Orchestra of the Americas, an impoverished nine year-old from Margarita Island, and the survivor of seven concentration camps who went on to become the Associate Concert Master of the Philadelphia Orchestra, THE LEGACY explores the hope, dignity and joy that the pursuit of excellence engenders in a human being.

The Legacy
World Premiere
Country of Origin: USA/Language: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese w/English subtitles
Running Time: 1 hour, 37 minutes
Director: Andrés Faucher
Producers: Andrés Faucher, Hilda Ochoa-Brillembourg, Kevin Allen Jackson
Writers: Kevin Allen Jackson
Featuring: David Arben, Jennifer Colombani, Ludwig Colombani, Emilio Vicente Argento, Paule Marjolaine Bodson-Clermont, Gustavo Dudamel, Marcial Flores, Yaitza Lopez Valle, Maetro Ecberht Lucena, Mateus de Castro Machado Freire, Guillermo Alberto Marin, Jonathan Maxfield McCormick, Carlos Prieto, Jhoanna Sierralta, Francisco Velazquez Salinas, and The Youth Orchestra of the Americas.

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