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In My Pocket
IN MY POCKET details the harrowing journey down the dark spiral of drug addiction. As his carefully constructed life slowly falls apart, one young man’s belief system is shattered when he discovers that he’s no longer the functioning addict that he was able to once convince himself he was. Uncompromising and unwaveringly honest, IN MY POCKET pulls no punches as it not only dares you to peer into the edge of the abyss, … but then pushes you right in.

In My Pocket
Country of Origin: USA / Language: English
Running Time: 1 hour, 34 minutes
Director: David Lisle Johnson
Producers: Saeid Esmaeilian, Christopher Kemp Fredie, David Lisle Johnson, Seth William Meier
Writers: David Lisle Johnson, Joseph Ferrugio
Cast: Gregory Smith, Shantel Vansanten, Brendan Sexton III, Bostin Christopher, Zack Ward, Daphne Ramnath, Kaylee DeFer and Jamie McShane

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