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2007 Winners

The Award for Best Feature Film went to Dan Wolmans "Tied Hands."

The Award for Best Director of a Feature Film went to Nicole van Kilsdonk for her film "Johan."

The Award for Best Screenplay went to Scott Dacko for his film "The Insurgents" which stars Henry Simmons, John Shea and Mary Stuart Masterson.

Two Awards were given for Best Performance in a Feature Film: Christopher Plummer, for his role in Michael Schroeders "Man In The Chair," and Gila Almagor, for her performance in "Tied Hands."

A Special Jury Prize for Best Feature also went to "Maurice Richard/The Rocket."

In addition the jury chose to recognize the cast of "Adrift in Manhattan" with a special Ensemble Award for their mesmerizing and haunting performances, under the lead of charming Heather Graham along with William Baldwin, Dominic Chianese, Victor Rasuk and Elizabeth Penna.

The Award for Best Documentary Feature went to "A Crude Awakening The Oil Crash."  Directed by Ray McCormack.

The Audience Choice Award for Best Feature Film went to "Kathy T."   Written and directed by Evan Lieberman and starring former West Palm Beach resident and Alexander Dreyfoos Jr. School of the Arts graduate, Mary Elise Hayden, Trent Gill and Greg Cipes.

The Audience Choice Award for Best Documentary Feature went to "Darius: Goes West The Roll of His Life," directed by Logan Smalley.

The Audience Choice Award for Best Short Film went to "And Behold, There Came A Great Wind /V'Hinei Ruach Gedola Ba'a," directed by Ziv Alexandrony.

Winners of the 5th Annual Voices of Local Film Awards were also announced. Those winners were Best Picture – "Drivers Seat"; Best Director – Ramiro Hernandez of "Replay"; Best Screenplay – "Drivers Seat" written by Afgen Sheikh and Best Performance was given to Clint Merritt of "Drivers Seat."

The Frownie Award for best Close-up of an actress went to Kerri Russell of The Waitress.

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