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  Film Name Premiere Status  
305 World  
27,000 Days Florida  
A Day's Work    
A Drop of Life Competition Entry World  
A Hebrew Lesson    
All of Us Florida  
All Roads Lead Home Florida  
American Dream East Coast  
American East    
Angels Die In The Soil Florida  
Animals With The Tollkeeper World  
Apology Of An Economic Hitman Competition Entry World  
Beautiful Scenery In Guangxi World  
Begging Naked Florida  
Birthday Girl Competition Entry    
Borderline Competition Entry Florida  
Carnival Daring-Do    
Charging The Rhino Florida  
Children Of The Sun Competition Entry    
China Florida  
Cracker - The Last Cowboys of Florida World  
Crash Reunion East Coast  
Crazy Competition Entry East Coast  
Crenshaw Nights    
Darkness Calls In Gitxsan Florida  
Destinesia Competition Entry World  
Ditto World  
Doughboys Florida  
D'une Seule Voix (With One Voice) Competition Entry World  
Dusk Competition Entry World  
Ed and Vern's Rock Store Palm Beach County  
Final Cut World  
Finding Kraftland    
Foreign Devils World  
Fugitive Pieces Competition Entry    
Goodbye Baby World  
Goodbye Mothers US  
Greetings from The Shore    
Hank And Mike US  
Harold And Burns Florida  
Home Of The Giants East Coast  
Hotel Very Welcome East Coast  
Islamour US  
Just Desserts    
Keith US  
Kick Like A Girl Florida  
Kick The Lion - Witchcraft And Football In Africa Competition Entry North America  
Kings Competition Entry Florida  
La Americana Competition Entry World  
Language Of The Enemy    
Les Jardines De Samira    
Letting Go    
Light Years Florida  
Magic Flute Diaries Competition Entry World  
Magritte Moment World  
Mai Tai East Coast  
Maine Story Competition Entry Florida  
Marcelino And Bartolomeo - 'Bye-Bye' Florida  
Mojado Florida  
My Name is Pochsy: An Industrial Film Competition Entry Florida  
Niñas Mal    
No Bad Days World  
Noodle Competition Entry    
Objects And Memory World  
Of All The Things    
Officer Down East Coast  
On Great White Wings Florida  
Oud Al Ward (The Lost Beauty) Competition Entry US  
Pink Shorts Florida  
Pismo (The Letter) Competition Entry    
Praying In Her Own Voice US  
Punch US  
Raccoon And Crawfish    
Rapping With Shakespeare Competition Entry Florida  
Red Hot Chili Peppers: Untitled Documentary Competition Entry Florida  
Rock and A Hard Place (Another Night at the Agora) World  
Rosso Come Il Cielo (Red Like The Sky) Competition Entry    
Remarkable Power! East Coast  
Roman De Gare    
Saving Luna Competition Entry Florida  
Saving The Earth One Business At A Time World  
Secrecy Florida  
Simulacra Florida  
Slingers World  
Sounds Of A Miracle Florida  
Spine Tingler: The William Castle Story    
Straight Outta Puerto Rico US  
Struck World  
Terres Noires (The Black Lands)    
The Big Fat World of Fernando Botero    
The Dancing Chickens Of Ventura Fabian Florida  
The First Basket Competition Entry    
The Flock Competition Entry    
The Flyboys    
The Frank Anderson Competition Entry    
The Godfather Of Disco Florida  
The Grand    
The Little Traitor Competition Entry    
The Man of Two Havanas    
The Quest World  
The Run US  
The Sleuth Incident    
The Stone Angel Florida  
The Stone Child    
The World's Most Dangerous Polka Band Florida  
Things Omitted World  
Time Bombs US  
Trail End Competition Entry Florida  
Treasure Of Riverside Park Florida  
Trying To Get Good: The Jazz Odyssey Of Jack Sheldon Competition Entry World  
United Concerns: Family Impact On Climate Change Florida  
Waiting For Pasolini US  
War Comes To Miami Beach    
Wiener Takes All: A Dogumentary Southeastern  
Will Eisner: Portrait Of A Sequential Artist    
Women on Top    
Word World  
Yoriko US  
You Never Know US  
Young At Heart    
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