After serving as the dentist for the Shah of Iran, Dr. Victor Daniels – an Iranian Jew who
had immigrated to the United States as an 18-year-old in 1964 – launched the largest
automotive factories in Iran in the late 1970s. Just a few years into his $350 million
success story, he watched as the Ayatollah Khomeini personally ordered the burning
and destruction of his newly-born business empire. Over 30 factory workers died and
another 128 were injured.

This was just a symbol of the murdering rampage initiated throughout Iran by Khomeini,
the tyrannical Islamic chieftain who spearheaded the formation of Hezbollah, Hamas,
and the Party of God in Egypt, the terrorist organization who killed Anwar Sadat and
ultimately gave birth to Al-Qaeda.

Daniels was not blind to the nature of the Shah’s despotism nor could he ignore the reports
of the persecution leveled by the ruler’s secret police against those they considered

However, under the Shah’s secular leadership, 1979 Iran had become one of the world’s
leading economic superpowers, with virtually no unemployment and over a million
students attending colleges and universities; this was a far cry from the nation’s third
world state just 25 years earlier (when the Shah took power), where over half the
population was without work and less than 2,000 persons were attending college.
With the Shah exiled, all this prosperity ended under Khomeini’s fanatical dictatorship.

Daniels determined to wage a private war against the radical Islamic leadership. The dentist-turned-manufacturer-turned-ex-patriot rebelled with an
arsenal of activities to save family and friends from incarceration and death at the hands of the extremist regime—and to hamper one of their greatest
coups, the American Hostage Crisis. He used money. He used politics. He used manipulation. He used his own underground railroad.

When Daniels’s father was imprisoned and viciously tortured along with four other former Jewish corporate heads, he paid Khomeini’s regime $140,000
cash to secure his father’s release; the other men were executed. When his brother-in-law, who ran one of the largest Iranian textile companies, was
brutally murdered after a kangaroo court trial, he snuck his sister and her family out of the country and into the safe haven of Spain. When his close
friend, the Minister of Finance and Economic Policy, was shot by a firing squad, he watched
as the man’s beautiful young wife acted out the most primitive form of human justice – going
on a serial killing rampage and assassinating the Islamic Mullahs and Ayatollahs responsible
for her husband’s death. Daniels then arranged for her escape to America. He did the same
for his parents, leading them on a harrowing and dangerous trek out of Iran. And he provided
President Reagan key advice in securing the release of the American hostages, while serving
as the newly-elected President’s interpreter in negotiations with an Iranian ambassador in

Based on actual events, Price of Freedom is one ordinary man’s amazing true story of
courage, justice, and liberty.

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